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Can Medicine alone make you lose weight ?

It can actually.

First of all, you need to talk to your Primary Care Physician about replacing weight promoting medications with weight neutral or weight losing medications.

Then lets talk about Medication Assisted Treatment for weight loss.

In the "weight loss to go" program, one option is the medication that can make you burn more calories such as Phentermine. Average weight loss is 5% or more in 3 months.

Pros: Affordable even without insurance. By mouth pills. Can kick start and put you on track for weight loss. Some patients lose 10-20 lbs with it.

Cons: Stimulant, is not recommended long term. Some combination is needed after 6 months. Dependency or abuse can be a rare issue. Some patients might lose only a few pounds with it. Usually requires exercise and diet regimen.

The other option is GLP-1 analogs or weekly injections which can make you feel full / suppress your appetite and also control glucose levels if you have type II Diabates. A popular exampe is Wegovy / Semaglutide.

Pros: Once weekly dose. Average weight loss is 15% or 35 lbs. Very well tolerated. Can be used long term.

Cons: Very costly ($1300+) without insurance. Subcutaneous injections. Contraindicated in personal or family history of MEN / Multiple Endocrine Neoplasias.

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